You Deserve To Advance Your Immigration Case With a Immigration Lawyer in Newark, NJ

Our immigration lawyers in Newark, NJ understand that the immigration system in the US is a complex puzzle. Getting it right can change your life. But getting it wrong is devastating.

Having an immigration case denied or returned means more waiting and more time spent apart from your loved ones. You shouldn’t have to put your whole life on hold for such a long amount of time.

Unfortunately, our New Jersey immigration attorneys in Newark see their clients who have already been waiting far too long for our system to make a decision.

You need an expert, a lawyer, that you can trust, who will always have your ultimate goal in mind – a speedy decision in your favor.

Adjustment of Status 

An adjustment of status application is the process of applying for your Green Card. The application is made once you are already present in the United States and without needing to return home first.

Making an application for adjustment of status is not a fast process.

The usual time to receive a Green Card, even if you have carried out every single step correctly, is between 8 and 14 months. You can’t make plans – where your family will be, where you will live, where you will work – while you are waiting.

Our attorneys in Newark file successful adjustment of status applications every single day. Whatever stage of the process you’re in, our lawyers look forward to guiding you to the end.

Helping you Adjust your Immigration Status

Immigrants who come to the United States often intend to remain in the country long-term. Under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), immigrants may change their immigration status to become legal permanent residents, which is commonly referred to as obtaining a green card.

In order to become a permanent resident and obtain a green card, the immigrant must meet certain requirements and officially adjust their status with the office of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Adjusting your immigration status can be complicated, so it is important to have an experienced immigration lawyer assisting you throughout the adjustment process. At Maduabum Law Firm LLC located in Newark, NJ, our lawyers represent clients throughout New Jersey and Newark in a range of immigration matters.

Our lawyers take a personalized approach to helping our clients with all types of immigration cases. We help our clients understand their immigration rights and options, and we walk our clients through every step of the process.

How to Adjust Your Immigration Status

There are several different ways to adjust your immigration status. The following is general information regarding eligibility requirements and the process.

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The knowledgeable and experienced attorneys of Maduabum Law Firm LLC help immigrants discuss their eligibility for adjustment of status, identify any potential immigration issues that may affect adjustment and prepare and file a comprehensive application on behalf of the immigrant.