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Negotiating a plea bargain in New Jersey

People don’t always end up in court when charged with a crime in New Jersey. Sometimes, their criminal defense attorney and the prosecutor can work out a deal that they believe has better odds for the defendant than what a judge or jury would likely give them. Understanding a plea bargain A plea bargain is […]

Going backwards to move forward: processing asylum applications

Going backwards to move forward: processing asylum applications On Behalf of Maduabum Law Firm LLC | Sep 9, 2022 | Immigration | The constant flow of asylum seekers entering the US against a backdrop of backlogged applications demands change, one that the USCIS in New Jersey is up for. Even urgent applications are processed according […]

Providing emotional support for your children

Going through a divorce can be difficult for you and your children. While you may understand all the parts of your decision to divorce, your children will not have the same perspective. Ultimately, your ex is still their parent, and they will likely continue to have a relationship with them after the divorce is finalized. […]

What are drug paraphernalia charges?

There are federal laws that make it illegal to transport, sell, import or export drug paraphernalia. This includes any items or devices used to make, control or use illicit drugs such as heroin, cocaine, marijuana and others. Possession of drug paraphernalia is not considered a federal crime, but a person could be charged on the […]

What are Commercial Transactions?

Commercial transactions drive our economy and are paramount to our economic development and growth. The law that guides commercial transactions covers a vast range of business dealings and represents the essential core of those rules and regulations that govern business transactions. Commercial transactions are those that deal in the sale of goods or services and […]

Should I Hire A New Jersey Employment Attorney?

Do you believe that your employer has treated you unfairly? If so, there’s something that you can do about it. A New Jersey employment attorney can help you explore your legal options. A New Jersey Employment Attorney Can Help You With The Following: Mistreatment By Employer Wrongful Termination Unemployment Compensation Discussion of Wages/Benefits Desired Termination […]

In International Commercial Law News

An important part of commerce is collecting personal data of consumers for a variety of reasons. To protect consumers, the United States has certain laws in place that regulate what can and cannot be done with data gathered. In international commerce between the U.S. and Europe, such data collection can be complicated because the laws […]

What does UCC Stand For?

Each state has its own business and commercial transactions laws. With only these often conflicting and differing laws, transacting business in another state would be very difficult without uniformity. The Uniform Commercial Code, more commonly referred to as the UCC, is a collection of laws designed to establish uniformity among state laws. The UCC states […]