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7 Questions to Ask Your Criminal Defense Lawyer in Newark, NJ

7 Questions to Ask Your Criminal Defense Lawyer in Newark, NJ

Around 86,000 people get booked into New Jersey jails every year. People get charged with various crimes in the state, from drug-related charges to domestic violence. Getting hit with a criminal charge in New Jersey can be overwhelming and scary. If you've been arrested and charged with a crime, you need a criminal defense lawyer. A criminal defense attorney in New Jersey will have experience in a variety of cases. They'll know how to create a solid defense on your behalf, helping you navigate...

Tax avoidance or tax evasion?

Every year, most New Jersey residents must file a federal and state income tax return. Those who are self-employed may have additional returns to file on a quarterly or annual basis. Taxpayers are encouraged to take any credits or deductions that they qualify for in an effort to pay as little as possible. However, tax evasion is a serious crime that may come with severe penalties such as prison time. UNDERSTANDING TAX AVOIDANCE Tax avoidance occurs when you employ legal methods of reducing...

Fatal DUI risks

Drunk driving continues to be the reason for many fatal accidents in New Jersey and around the country. Persons dealing with substance abuse issues might not exercise proper judgment, choosing to get behind the wheel of their car while intoxicated. Of course, even those who only make a one-time mistake might cause a DUI-related accident. Criminal charges may follow, even when an accident doesn’t occur. DUI DANGERS Drunk driving statistics reveal dangers on the roads. In 2020, persons under the...

What are the areas of negotiation in plea bargaining?

When a New Jersey resident has charged with a crime they do have options. Depending on the situation, plea bargaining is one of them. There are different areas of negotiation for a plea bargain. UNDERSTANDING PLEA BARGAINS A plea bargain is an opportunity offered to a defendant in a criminal case to admit their guilt in court when the evidence is strong. It  gives the person a chance to avoid having their case go to trial, usually while reducing their sentence. In this situation, the judge,...

Is there a link between depression and violence?

Many residents of New Jersey suffer from depression. While some seek help and are able to keep their mental health condition under control, others might not be so lucky. A study explores whether there’s a link between depression and violence. UNDERSTANDING DEPRESSION Depression is one of the most widespread mental health conditions. It has a variety of symptoms such as fatigue, sadness, dark thoughts, aches and pains, sleeping problems and irritability. Some people struggling with depression...

When are miranda rights applicable?

Most New Jersey residents think of Miranda rights by what they see on TV shows, but that doesn’t reflect reality. If you’ve been arrested, you should know when they apply. UNDERSTANDING YOUR MIRANDA RIGHTS Miranda rights are a set of rights you have when you are arrested. Police officers are required to let a person know about their rights sometime after their arrest but before they question them. Your Miranda rights include the right to remain silent, knowing that if you say anything, it...

Negotiating a plea bargain in New Jersey

People don’t always end up in court when charged with a crime in New Jersey. Sometimes, their criminal defense attorney and the prosecutor can work out a deal that they believe has better odds for the defendant than what a judge or jury would likely give them. Understanding a plea bargain A plea bargain is […]

Different forms of identity theft

Impersonating another person could leave someone facing felony charges related to identity theft. Often, identity thieves pretend to be another person to gain financial benefits illegally. However, other factors may motivate the behavior, such as impersonating someone on social media to hurt their personal or professional relationships. Such behaviors could lead someone into a New […]

What is robbery?

When you think of robbery in New Jersey, you might think of taking something that doesn’t belong to you. This is only half of the definition as robbery also typically involves violence or the threat of violence when the crime is committed. Details of the charge Robbery is a type of aggravated theft crime because […]

The 3 elements of burglary in New Jersey

There are many myths and misconceptions about what it takes to be convicted of burglary. Some people think that as long as they don’t break into a home or business, they can’t be charged with burglary. Others believe that any theft from a building, no matter how it’s carried out, meets the definition. The truth […]