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Hit and Run New Jersey: What to Know

Hit and Run New Jersey: What to Know

  A hit and run in New Jersey, as outlined in the NJSA Motor Vehicles and Traffic Regulations, is when drivers involved in any accident fail to stop at the scene. This applies regardless of the accident's severity, whether it involves damage to a vehicle, property, or person. If only property is damaged, the driver must provide personal details to the owner, either directly or via a note. In cases of personal injury or fatality, the driver must offer reasonable assistance, including...

Pleading guilty or not guilty and plea agreements

Anyone who is arrested and charged with a crime in New Jersey needs to become familiar with the legal system quickly. There are several terms and procedures that are not applicable in other fields. Close study of concepts such as pleas and their consequences may be essential in securing the best possible representation that one can find. The plea process The plea is a key step in any criminal proceeding from traffic violations to felonies. It often occurs after arraignment and as a pivotal...

Fatal DUI risks

Drunk driving continues to be the reason for many fatal accidents in New Jersey and around the country. Persons dealing with substance abuse issues might not exercise proper judgment, choosing to get behind the wheel of their car while intoxicated. Of course, even those who only make a one-time mistake might cause a DUI-related accident. Criminal charges may follow, even when an accident doesn’t occur. DUI DANGERS Drunk driving statistics reveal dangers on the roads. In 2020, persons under the...

Parking tickets and driver’s license suspensions

Most people in New Jersey who have had their driver’s licenses suspended aren’t drunk drivers, speeders or people who were caught texting behind the wheel. In fact, a study from 2020 found that 90% of driver’s license suspensions weren’t instigated by traffic violations. People that lose their driving privileges typically didn’t get in trouble because […]

NJ Supreme Court rules on license plate frames

While many New Jersey drivers think the police can stop anyone they wish based on their observations, the truth is there are specific reasons that must apply at the time of the stop. Also known as a primary traffic offense, these have long included license plate displaying and illumination. The problem with this practice by […]

What activities constitute distracted driving?

Distracted driving is a serious issue among law enforcement agencies in New Jersey because it can lead to accidents on a moment’s notice. Even taking the eyes off of the road for a few seconds can result in an accident, including when there are no approaching vehicles. Single-car accidents are as common as multi-vehicle collisions […]

Could a driver get a distracted driving ticket in New Jersey?

Distracted drivers traveling on the New Jersey Turnpike could cause a disastrous crash. Drivers more concerned with their smartphones or a podcast might also bring dangers to Garden State residential areas. One way that New Jersey authorities hope to diminish distracted driving accident statistics involves issuing citations. Texting, driving, and receiving a traffic ticket New […]

The traffic violation points system in New Jersey

If you live in New Jersey and you commit a traffic violation, you may get points on your license. Penalties for accumulating a certain number of points include fines and suspension. Points on your license can also affect the cost of your auto insurance. Reducing points Six points in a three-year period result in a […]