Citizenship interview tips

Immigrants in New Jersey seeking to become naturalized United States citizens will have to participate in an interview as part of the process. Not many applicants look forward to this stage of the process, but applicants have nothing to fear from their immigration interview if they prepare well.

Know what to expect

Interviewees will experience less anxiety if they have a good idea of what will happen when they show up for their immigration interview. Applicants will need to show all documents they possess to verify their identity before going under oath. Interviewees will then answer questions regarding their backgrounds, allegiance to the United States and residence.

Practice English

Candidates for a naturalization test must be able to read, speak and write in English. The officer conducting the interview will not be concerned with proper diction or accents, but immigrants who wish to gain citizenship will need to demonstrate a basic understanding of the English language.

Be on time

Applicants should receive early notification of their interview date and time. Showing up late to an interview will make a poor impression on an interviewing officer, so applicants should arrive at least 20 minutes before their scheduled interview time.

Study for test

Immigration officers will administer a civics test during the interview. The test will include no complex information but does test the applicant’s knowledge of basic U.S. history and government.

After the interview

The applicant receives feedback from the interviewing officer sometimes as early as a few days after the interview. The applicant will learn if he or she can immediately enjoy rights as a citizen, must continue efforts to gain citizenship or had their application denied.

Immigrants and their families have a lot riding on the citizenship application process. Immigrant families with questions regarding the immigration process or their status may benefit from a relationship with an immigration attorney.

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