A look at the U.S. naturalization process

Permanent residents in the state of New Jersey that are seeking to become U.S. citizens will have to go through the naturalization process. While this process may sound overwhelming to begin with, it’s actually fairly straightforward when you understand what you need to do. There are just a few steps that you’ll need to take on the path to naturalization.

Submit Form N-400

If you determine that you’re eligible for U.S. citizenship, you’ll need to prepare Form N-400. This form is also known as the Application for Naturalization, and it can be found online. After completing this form and collecting the necessary documents to showcase your eligibility for naturalization, you’ll need to submit the form and pay the fees. Again, you can submit the form and pay your fees through the online USCIS portal.

Attend the interview

In some cases, USCIS may mandate that you attend a biometrics appointment. They’ll send you a notice in the mail with the date, time and location of the appointment to have your biometrics taken. This is not always a requirement for every person looking to become a citizen. However, a preliminary interview is mandated. You’ll have an interview with USCIS that’s part of completing your naturalization process. You’ll receive an appointment notice in the mail with the date and time of your exact appointment.

Take your oath

After you undergo your interview with USCIS, you’ll receive a decision from them in the mail on the status of your citizenship. If they approve you for naturalization, you’ll need to take an oath of allegiance to the United States. This is typically done at the naturalization ceremony.

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