New Jersey Attorney For Criminal Cases

New Jersey Attorney For Criminal Cases

Are you looking for a criminal attorney in New Jersey? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Being charged with a crime is never easy; it’s quite scary, even if it’s just a petty offense. Also, being convicted can result in not only fines, but also jail time, and a criminal record.

The last thing you want is a criminal record, which is why you need an attorney to help you with your criminal case. A criminal record can have a negative impact on your ability to find or hold a job, apply for housing, maintain financial assistance, remain in the United States, or even keep custody of your children.

Common Criminal Charges Include The Following:


Criminal assault is defined as an intentional act that results in a person becoming fearful of imminent bodily harm.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence occurs when one member of a household inflicts bodily harm upon another member of that household.

Sexual Assault

Although definitions vary by state, generally it occurs when a person or persons commit a sexual act without the consent of the victim.


Harassment is unwanted behavior intended to annoy, disturb, alarm, torment, upset, or terrorize an individual or group.

Drug Possession

Drug possession occurs when someone willfully possesses any illegal controlled substance.

Speak With A Criminal Attorney Today

Criminal charges are a serious matter that should be addressed by a knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled criminal attorney. To obtain a favorable result, an experienced attorney will have to design a well-crafted criminal defense plan after carefully reviewing the details of your criminal case.

The attorneys at The Maduabum Law Firm, LLC have the experience and understanding necessary to help you obtain a favorable criminal disposition within the New Jersey criminal justice system. Contact us today at 973-732-1490 for a Free Consultation!

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