What is New Jersey drug court?

New Jersey drug court is an option that non-violent offenders have to avoid prison. It’s a special type of probation for those who struggle with a drug addiction. Some participants in the program are eligible to expunge their records upon successful completion.

Eligibility for New Jersey drug court

New Jersey drug court is for people who have substance abuse disorders that played a role in the crime they committed. They may have other charges in addition to drug charges. If the crime was violent, however, then they aren’t eligible for drug court.

Past violent crimes will also disqualify you. To determine eligibility, a substance abuse evaluator will evaluate you, and a prosecutor will check your criminal history.

Requirements of New Jersey drug court

You agree to undergo drug addiction treatment when you participate in drug court. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go through residential rehab. Outpatient rehab is a possibility for those with a mild to moderate addiction. If your addiction is severe, then you need residential treatment to help yourself successfully overcome it. Self-help meetings, such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous, are also part of your agreement for participating in this probation program.

During your enrollment in drug court, you will have to take regular drug tests. You may have to take a drug test at court, during treatment or during a home visit. In the beginning, you also have to go to court weekly for lessons.

Drug court is set up to help you overcome your addiction and avoid getting yourself into legal trouble again. All of the requirements might seem overwhelming at first, but it’s worth it to get you on track to a better life. You may even have your record expunged.

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