Situation that may work in your favor after drug arrest

An arrest on drug charges may lead to serious consequences, depending on the circumstances of the case. While you may initially think the worst in that you may face incarceration and steep fines, there is the possibility that you may overcome these charges.

A few things may work in your favor. And that hinges primarily on whether law enforcement made a proper arrest, followed protocol and did not violate your rights.


A drug conviction could upend your personal and professional lives. In working with a skilled criminal defense attorney, however, you may gain a favorable outcome. Your attorney may pick apart the arrest.

If any one of these descriptions take place, you could see these charges dismissed or reduced:

  • The officer broke the law in ways that may include planting the drugs in car, home, office or on your person or coerced you into making a confession.
  • Reasonable search and seizure did not take place. An unreasonable search is unconstitutional.
  • The officer neglected to read the Miranda warning, which protects you from self-incrimination and informs you of the right to retain legal counsel.
  • The drugs found by the officer were not yours and belonged to someone else.
  • The arrest and charge represented the first such criminal charge on your record.

Your future may be at stake, so make sure to enlist the advocacy of a seasoned criminal defense attorney.


Such an arrest may have you in fear. And that is natural. However, if law enforcement decides to change the narrative by failing to follow strict protocol, you may be able to overcome this charge

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