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Are you eligible to become a naturalized US citizen?

Many people in New Jersey immigrated to the United States with the hope of becoming life-long residents. Fortunately for those immigrants, if you live in the country long enough, you may be eligible for naturalization. This refers to the process that grants people born in other countries the legal right to permanent residence as long […]

What to expect when you’re taking the citizenship test

Immigrants based in New Jersey who are looking to become naturalized citizens must prepare for the citizenship test. It’s important to know what to expect so that you’re ready. What is the naturalization test? The naturalization test is a requirement established by the United States that all immigrants wishing to become citizens of the country […]

Military members have a fast track to citizenship

Every year, thousands of resident aliens who have served in the United States military become U.S. citizens. If you are a military member living in New Jersey, you and your family may have a fast track to becoming American citizens thanks to your military service. Advantages of citing military service for citizenship Military service can […]

Becoming a citizen

New Jersey is a popular area for immigrants to reach and settle in the U.S. because of its proximity to ports of entry as well as several major cities with job opportunities, networks of support, and other advantages. Taking the citizenship test is a key step in becoming a naturalized American citizen. The citizenship test […]

Requirements for U.S. citizenship

If you are a foreign national living in New Jersey, you may want to consider becoming a U.S. citizen. While legal permanent residency can allow you to live and work in the country, citizenship provides other benefits such as easier travel and the right to vote. The naturalization process Naturalization is the process by which […]

Three important steps in becoming a naturalized citizen

After three years of lawful permanent residence in the U.S., you could look into applying for naturalization. Whether you live in New Jersey or another state, there are a few other requirements to become a U.S. citizen through naturalization. These include reading, writing and speaking basic English as well as understanding U.S. government. Check eligibility […]

A look at the U.S. naturalization process

Permanent residents in the state of New Jersey that are seeking to become U.S. citizens will have to go through the naturalization process. While this process may sound overwhelming to begin with, it’s actually fairly straightforward when you understand what you need to do. There are just a few steps that you’ll need to take […]

Citizenship interview tips

Immigrants in New Jersey seeking to become naturalized United States citizens will have to participate in an interview as part of the process. Not many applicants look forward to this stage of the process, but applicants have nothing to fear from their immigration interview if they prepare well. Know what to expect Interviewees will experience […]