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Here’s How a Drug Possession Attorney Can Help With Your Drug Case

Here’s How a Drug Possession Attorney Can Help With Your Drug Case

Are you facing charges for a drug-related crime? Drug possession charges can be life-altering, and it is crucial to have a competent drug possession attorney to represent you. The legal process can be confusing and overwhelming, and an experienced attorney can help you navigate through it. Here we provide a complete overview of how a drug possession attorney can help with your drug case. Keep reading to learn more. Understanding the Law Drug laws vary from state to state, and they can be...

Situation that may work in your favor after drug arrest

An arrest on drug charges may lead to serious consequences, depending on the circumstances of the case. While you may initially think the worst in that you may face incarceration and steep fines, there is the possibility that you may overcome these charges. A few things may work in your favor. And that hinges primarily on whether law enforcement made a proper arrest, followed protocol and did not violate your rights. BROKE THE LAW, UNREASONABLE SEARCH AND SEIZURE A drug conviction could upend...

Understanding drug schedules and charges

Drug charges are always serious legal matters in New Jersey, and the courts view possession or trafficking of certain drugs as a priority. Each drug is categorized in a particular schedule ranging from I-V with a Schedule I drug being the most restricted and highest priority in sentencing. However, those who are charged with trafficking […]

What is New Jersey drug court?

New Jersey drug court is an option that non-violent offenders have to avoid prison. It’s a special type of probation for those who struggle with a drug addiction. Some participants in the program are eligible to expunge their records upon successful completion. Eligibility for New Jersey drug court New Jersey drug court is for people […]

Probable cause and medical marijuana possession

New Jersey is one state that has recently reevaluated its marijuana laws by decriminalizing certain amounts of cannabis even for recreational use. The state had enacted legislation allowing the use of medical marijuana several years ago. With the new legislation, both recreational and medical marijuana possession are allowable in the state, but there are restrictions […]

Penalties for drug possession in New jersey

While some states are stricter than others, all of them enact drug penalties to combat illegal drugs. New Jersey has exceptions for medical marijuana but prohibits certain amounts of recreational marijuana illegal and restricts some legal substances. As a result, a person in New Jersey who gets a drug charge may face several penalties. Drug […]

Understanding NJ recreational cannabis laws

New Jersey’s most recent marijuana legislation has been signed by Governor Phil Murphy. However, some parts of these new laws will take time to be solidified with some aspects of the law are effective immediately. Among the immediate changes in the way marijuana possession will be handled by police includes whether drug charges will be […]

Drug sweeps in New Jersey lead to 6 arrests

Police in New Jersey have arrested six people in connection with alleged drug dealing in Atlantic City. The suspects face heroin, cocaine and marijuana possession and distribution charges. The Atlantic City Police Department announced the arrests on Jan. 19. Two of the suspects have been released. The other four are being detained at the Atlantic […]