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6 signs your spouse hides assets from you

Money issues often are at the root of many divorce cases. When couples separate, money sometimes comes to forefront, pushing away almost every other issue. This may come as no surprise. And for some, it may come as no surprise to learn that their estranged spouse is hiding assets. Out of spite and greed, certain people take up such devious action, hoping their spouse is not wise to it. But, if your suspicions are aroused, trust your instincts and look for signs that your spouse hides assets....

What keeping the family home can do for parents

Going through a divorce without little ones can already be a balancing act. But if you’re reading this, chances are you are working on plans for an ideal post-divorce living situation for you and your children. You and your ex-spouse are planning to part ways, but is immediately getting a new home necessary? The simple answer is no, and the longer answer is complex. Nesting could be an ideal middle ground for parents looking to ease into post-divorce living and co-parenting. WHAT IS NESTING? A...

Crucial steps to take when considering divorce

Your marriage has seen better days, and you know that those days are now numbered. It no longer feels right to be married to a disconnected spouse who continuously argues with you and conceals things from you. Now that divorce seems like the only option for you, it is time to take some preliminary steps, including those related to your finances. You need to separate yourself from your spouse in more ways than one. CREATE YOUR OWN FINANCIAL IDENTITY For...

Why is keeping the peace especially useful in same-sex divorce?

There are some obvious reasons why anyone would want their separation to be amicable. A contested divorce can be stressful and may result in you being unhappy with the judge’s decision. But if you are ending a same-sex marriage, you might encounter some unique challenges that being on good terms can help with. Same-sex marriage […]

Can social media addiction cause a divorce?

Over the past two decades, users have seen an explosion of popularity around a broad range of social networking sites. Whether it is maintaining professional relationships through LinkedIn, sharing photos on Instagram or voicing opinions on Facebook, people the world over have grown accustomed to visiting these sites dozens if not hundreds of times each […]

How to prepare your children for divorce

Getting a divorce is something that can have a lasting effect on yourself and your children, so you want to be sure you are doing everything possible to help them through this change in their lives. There are many negative consequences that can come with divorce can be very damaging, but there are some tips you can […]

Is the ‘perfect’ divorce possible? Maybe, with these tips

Nobody’s perfect. And going through divorce puts everyone at risk of acting their worst. Besides dragging out the proceedings for months longer than necessary, an acrimonious divorce can traumatize your children and damage your mental well-being. Is it possible for you to divorce your spouse in a way that never upsets or aggravates anybody? Probably […]

Tips for good co-parenting

If you share children with your former spouse, there is a good chance that you’ll remain an active part of their lives after your divorce becomes official. This is because New Jersey family courts generally want children to have relationships with both of their parents. However, this means that you will need to learn how […]

The gray divorce trend is happening worldwide

Gray divorce is a societal trend that is affecting couples in New Jersey and around the world. Despite declines in the divorce rate of younger couples, divorce among people over the age of 50 has been increasing steadily for decades. Researchers say this is a global trend In 2012, researchers from Bowling Green State University […]

How do you prepare for a custody hearing?

How you present evidence at your custody hearing can determine whether you win your case. Even if the facts are on your side, you must still present the information to the court effectively. It’s important to understand New Jersey laws for child custody hearings as you prepare for your day in court. Understanding the proofs […]