What to expect when you’re taking the citizenship test

Immigrants based in New Jersey who are looking to become naturalized citizens must prepare for the citizenship test. It’s important to know what to expect so that you’re ready.

What is the naturalization test?

The naturalization test is a requirement established by the United States that all immigrants wishing to become citizens of the country must take and pass. The test consists of two parts that test your knowledge of the English language and how well you know the history of the U.S. and its government.

What does the test require?

When you take the citizenship test, you will be required to take the language portion of the test in three parts. You will be asked to read portions of Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, aloud to prove that you know how to read the English language.

The writing portion of the test requires you to write out sentences in simple English. There is also a speaking portion of the language test. To do this part, you are interviewed and will answer questions about yourself. You do not have to be an expert in English but should know the basics.

The civics test is the other portion. You will be required to answer questions about the history of the country and basic questions about the U.S. government. If you have a mental or learning disability, you might be able to waive this portion of the citizenship test. Additionally, if you are older and have spent many years in the U.S., you might not have to take this portion of the test.

What happens if you fail?

If you fail the citizenship test, you can retake it. However, if you fail a second time, your naturalization application might be denied.

Preparing for the citizenship test ahead of time can help you. You might want to take advantage of any help you can get before you’re scheduled to take the test.

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