Crucial steps to take when considering divorce

Your marriage has seen better days, and you know that those days are now numbered. It no longer feels right to be married to a disconnected spouse who continuously argues with you and conceals things from you. Now that divorce seems like the only option for you, it is time to take some preliminary steps, including those related to your finances. You need to separate yourself from your spouse in more ways than one.


For anyone considering divorce, here are some crucial things to complete:

  • Find dependable professionals: This list should include an attorney, financial planner and even a therapist, who can provide insight and guidance related to your divorce decision. During this difficult time, you need some allies who will listen to you and empathize with you.
  • Gather relevant financial documents: Among them include tax records, mortgage statements, credit card statements, bank account statements, insurance policies, brokerage
    accounts and retirement accounts. Keep them in a safe hiding place away from your spouse.
  • Open financial accounts in your name: Your goal is to create a separate and independent identity from your husband. It also is a good idea to open these new accounts at a different financial institution.
  • Check your credit report: You want to look for errors as well as questionable activity. Did your spouse make a number of dubious purchases that had no connection to your marriage? Monitor your credit score as well.
  • Apply for your own credit card: A secured credit card is an option if you have limited or no credit. This move helps you build credit, and, in time, you may apply for a regular credit card.

These steps will help you establish your own identity as you seek to create distance from your spouse.


Quietly take these steps as you pursue a divorce. Do your research, confer with trusted people and get ready to make decisions without your spouse’s input.

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