6 signs your spouse hides assets from you

Money issues often are at the root of many divorce cases. When couples separate, money sometimes comes to forefront, pushing away almost every other issue. This may come as no surprise.

And for some, it may come as no surprise to learn that their estranged spouse is hiding assets. Out of spite and greed, certain people take up such devious action, hoping their spouse is not wise to it. But, if your suspicions are aroused, trust your instincts and look for signs that your spouse hides assets.

Hiding cash in the house and in online accounts

Here are some of the signs that your spouse hides assets:

  • Finding cash stashed in unusual places: On your property, your spouse may have hidden cash in the garage, floorboards, ceilings, freezer, books and the car.
  • Defensive behavior: Any questions related to money may lead to an argument, sharp responses or an abrupt end to the conversation
  • Your spouse brings home less money: Whether the paycheck is shrinking, or – if he or she sometimes deals with cash – less cash arrives in the home, you should know that your spouse may be hiding cash.
  • Your spouse receives mail elsewhere: It may be a post office box or the home of a friend, who willingly helps your spouse hide the money.
  • Discovering previously unknown online bank accounts: Lately, these accounts have offered higher interest rates, so they are an even more attractive place to stash money. PayPal is another place to hide assets.
  • Strange disclosures within your tax returns: You may find real estate investments and mutual fund dividends that you did not know existed.

There may be plenty of other signs. Just remain alert, relying on intuition and knowledge.

Turn to an attorney and accountant for guidance

Perhaps your spouse has hidden assets throughout your marriage. Now that your marriage crumbles it is time to claim what belongs to you. A skilled and assertive divorce attorney can help you, so can a forensic accountant.

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