Top 5 Reasons To Hire A New Jersey DUI Attorney

Top 5 Reasons To Hire A New Jersey DUI Attorney

A New Jersey DUI attorney that is well-versed in the intricate facets of a New Jersey DUI can help you win your case. Even though a DUI is not a “criminal act” in New Jersey, it could still lead to serious and severe penalties. A DUI attorney will help you fully understand your charges and protect you from unwanted consequences.  In this article, you’ll learn five reasons why you should hire a DUI attorney for your case.

1. You Have The Right To Legal Counsel

As a criminal defendant, you have the right to an attorney. In fact, the Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution requires “assistance of counsel” for the accused ” in all criminal prosecutions.” So, this means that as the defendant, it is your right to be represented by an attorney during a trial.

It is essential that you take full advantage of your right to legal counsel.  A DUI attorney will help ensure that you are fully aware of your constitutional rights. An experienced New Jersey DUI attorney knows what to do to make sure that your DUI case has a favorable outcome.

You should never try to fight your DUI case on your own; instead, you should hire a trusted and reliable New Jersey DUI attorney. Understand that a DUI attorney will be prepared to stand up for you against your prosecutors, and will know what to do and what to say.

2. Verification of Evidence

You shouldn’t rule out the possibility that the evidence being used against you is not valid. You would be surprised at how often this happens. If this happens, it could mean that you weren’t supposed to be charged with a DUI in the first place. A New Jersey DUI attorney will be able to present and refute the evidence correctly. So, the only way to ensure that evidence presented against you is valid is to hire an expert New Jersey DUI attorney.

3. Keeping a DUI Off Your Record

In New Jersey, you should avoid getting a DUI on your record at all cost. If you get a DUI in New Jersey, it will stay on your record forever; this is because a New Jersey DUI cannot be expunged. So, it will always be on your record. However, it is possible for a New Jersey DUI  Attorney to help reduce your DUI charges.  DUI attorneys are fully aware of local laws and proceedings that could have an impact on your DUI and other traffic violations. When you decide to hire a DUI attorney, you can rest assured that you did everything to try and keep the DUI charges off your record.

4. Maximizing Your Opportunity for Expert Witnesses

Expert witnesses could mean the major difference between a DUI or considerably less serious traffic violation. However, it could be hard to find useful and beneficial witnesses on your own. DUI attorneys have experience with obtaining access to pertinent witnesses that could help you avoid jail time. Additionally, they will know which questions to ask the witnesses and which opposing questions to prepare the witnesses to answer.

5. Help Reduce Your Sentence

Understand that there are no guarantees in a DUI case. However, if the ruling is not in your favor, a New Jersey DUI attorney can help reduce your sentence. New Jersey DUI attorneys have the knowledge, tools, and resources to help make any fees that you have to pay as low as possible.

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