Fighting Deportation

Fighting Deportation

Immigration law has always been rigid and complicated, but with the changing presidency and political atmosphere, immigration law is becoming even more punitive. Noncitizens and nonresidents who are deemed to be in violation of any of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services’ edicts have very little recourse. And the most frightening consequence is deportation – or any other form of forced removal.

When it comes to your rights as an immigrant, there is a lot at stake, and it’s natural to have grave concerns about how you should proceed. The most important thing to remember is that you should never attempt to fight the deportation process alone. If you or someone you care about is in danger of being deported, contact an experienced immigration attorney immediately. In today’s changing political climate, there is no time to waste.

Defense Strategies

Experienced immigration lawyers have expertise in composing persuasive arguments that outline exactly why you should not be deported. There are four useful and well-proven strategies that immigration attorneys usually employ in successfully defending against deportation:

  • Contesting that the charges brought against you are false or challenging that the charges do not rise to the level of warranting deportation;
  • Convincing the judge that, because of your strength of character and your history as a nonviolent and gainfully employed active-participant in the community, deportation is not appropriate for your situation;
  • Filing for an adjustment of status if for some reason you have failed to update your status after a major life event, such as marriage – filing such an adjustment before the conclusion of the case for deportation might be enough to dismiss the proceedings outright; and
  • Seeking your asylum if you are an immigrant who left your homeland due to extreme hardship or threats to your safety, ranging from torture to persecution to religious or ethnic discrimination.

Although the prospect of deportation is extremely stressful, do not despair. A skilled immigration attorney with experience staying deportation can help to keep you in this country – your country.

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The threat of deportation should never be ignored. If you are concerned that either you or someone you care about could be deported, seek immediate counsel from an experienced immigration lawyer. The skilled immigration attorneys at Maduabum Law Firm, LLC have the expertise, the experience, and the commitment to defend you and yours from deportation. Call 973-732-1490 to schedule your free consultation today.

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