What is temporary protected status?

Most people immigrate to the United States due to political instability in their country of origin. Most of these immigrants qualify for a temporary protected status (TPS). TPS is often granted to individuals when their country of origin is experiencing conflicts or disasters that’ll make it hard for them to remain safe. New Jersey is among the states with a high number of immigrants on TPS. As a beneficiary of TPS, you get employment authorization and protection from removal. Thus, there’s no fear of deportation. Here are some facts on TPS.

Determining TPS

It’s the mandate of the Secretary of Homeland Security to determine the countries eligible for TPS. Nations that meet the following criteria are eligible for TPS:

  • Ongoing armed conflicts. Nations with internationalized or non-internationalized conflicts and are not safe for inhabiting.
  • Natural events such as tsunamis and epidemics that disrupt the living conditions.
  • Extraordinary and temporary conditions. The safety of an individual is under compromise by any factor not discussed above.

Eligibility for TPS

Under the US immigration law, you are eligible for TPS when you currently reside in the US. Additionally, your country of origin ought to receive a temporary protected status. Thus, any individual who enters the US after the TSP notice might not qualify for protective status. The TPS of a country may last for either six, 12 or 18 months with the probability of extension. Extension of the TPS allows individuals under the protection more time. For eligibility, one must:

  • Be a national of a nation with TPS.
  • Remain in the US since the TPS designation.
  • Pose no threat to the United States.

TPS ensures security for immigrants in the US. Since applying for TPS is complex, you ought to consult an attorney. An Attorney might guide you in gaining your protective status.

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