Biden’s proposed changes to immigration and citizenship policies

When President Biden came into office, he sought to undo many of the Trump Administration’s immigration policies. Immigrants to the United States thus need to anticipate possible changes in addition to what has already been done in New Jersey and around the country.

Handling changes in immigration law

It is important to keep informed about immigration law as the changes unfold. People who are currently on a possible path to citizenship may face changes under almost all U.S. paths to citizenship. For example, many people seek family-sponsored immigration. Biden has proposed changes to decrease the backlog and increase per-country limits. The goal of this is to decrease the waiting period for green cards and reunite families in a more timely manner.

Another possible change is an increase in refugee admissions. Refugee admission numbers were at an all-time low in 2020. Green cards from employment sponsorship of H1B skilled foreign workers are other examples that will allow immigrants to stay longer and be better able to receive citizenship.

One of the top goals is to keep families together. So far, there have been modest changes to the immigration process, but it means that more people will get on a path to citizenship who couldn’t before, and those who were waiting for citizenship may achieve it more quickly.

What’s going on with immigration policies now?

Regulations and changes are being deliberated as each policy needs time to be examined and considered before approval or denial. If you need to read about the current news on your status or program, you can look up your application or program on the USCIS website.

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