The basics of the IR-2 visa

There are several different types of visas with which people who are not U.S. citizens can enter New Jersey. The IR-2 visa is designed for the children of U.S. citizens who do not live in the country. The requirements of the visa are that the person who will enter the U.S. is the child of a citizen, less than 21 years old and not married. The probable processing time for an IR-2 visa is between 17 and 24
months. Some relevant factors are the cost, interview and eligibility.


Currently, the IR-2 visa has filing fees totaling $1,080. This amount is only the filing fees and does not include the price of the required medical exam or legal fees. Part of the process is establishing the
parentage of the child, which requires filing a Form I-130 with the USCIS. The Form I-130 filing fee is $535.


Part of securing an IR-2 visa is an official interview with the child. The immigration interview happens at the U.S. consulate or embassy in the foreign country in which the child lives. The child will answer questions about their relationship to the U.S. citizen parent. The child will also have to provide a passport that is valid for six months following the date they’ll enter the U.S., two identical
photos, their appointment letter and other documents.


Most of the eligibility requirements for the child are noted above. One additional requirement is if the child was adopted, the adoption must have been complete before the child turned 16. The sponsor
must be a U.S. citizen and must have legal custody over the child for the prior two years. The sponsor and the child must have lived together for at least two years prior to filing the application. The IR-2 visa is a good option for people who have children living outside the U.S. and it is often used in adoption cases.

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