What activities constitute distracted driving?

Distracted driving is a serious issue among law enforcement agencies in New Jersey because it can lead to accidents on a moment’s notice. Even taking the eyes off of the road for a few seconds can result in an accident, including when there are no approaching vehicles. Single-car accidents are as common as multi-vehicle collisions when distracted driving evidence is present, and law enforcement officers in New Jersey include these single-car mishaps as safety issues as well. So, what constitutes distracted driving? It is not just technological usage that creates problems.

Eating and drinking while in transit

One of the most common forms of distracted driving is eating while in transit. Eating with one hand and driving with the other is possible, but it is not necessarily safe. Drinking is somewhat less intrusive, but it is important to have a cup holder close at hand. These are not necessarily traffic violations unless alcohol is involved, but they can result in citations when they cause an accident.

Talking to passengers

Many people drive with passengers in tow, and there will obviously be conversations along the way. Keeping eyes on the road and hands on the wheel is still important even when talking to passengers, which should be the central focus for drivers.

Texting and talking on a cellphone

By far the most dangerous form of distracted driving is texting while in transit, and it is a traffic violations priority in New Jersey. Statistics have shown that cellphone usage is a common element of auto accidents, many of which are fatal.

Even actions as simple as adjusting the volume or station on a radio or adjusting climate options in a vehicle can also constitute distracted driving in certain situations. It is always best to use the hands and eyes for anything other than driving only when sitting stationary in the vehicle.

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